Art Credit: Izzy Deadjet (@deadjetworks)
Thanks for visiting our hub page for "Vinesauce is HOPE"! For our seventh consecutive year, we are raising both money and awareness for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) in Irvine, California. Founded in 1982, this organization has been supporting children and their families who are affected by pediatric cancer, as well as funding research to help give every child a cancer-free future. For more in-depth information about their work, please visit

Since 2014, the streamers and community members at Vinesauce have been organizing a yearly fundraising event of variety livestreams where we play video games and just have a good time doing it. Powered by the nonprofit organization Variety is HOPE, we are "Helping Others, Playing Everything"! We continue to be inspired by the overwhelming generosity and feedback of everyone involved, and it shows in the success of the past 6 years, with our efforts totaling over $718,000 raised for pediatric cancer research. We hope you enjoy this year’s lineup of streams and more, and thank you for being here with us! Welcome to “Vinesauce Is HOPE”!

Vinesauce is HOPE 2020 will be taking place from July 17 - July 19, 2020.
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